Emergency Medical Treatment Information

Emergency care

Emergency Medical Center is available 24 hours a day.

Phone number

  • Emergency Medical Center: 02) 709-9117 ~ 9
  • Emergency Medical Service Team: 02) 709-9468

Fill out the medical application form and submit it to the Emergency Medical Service Team.

After receiving the patient's reception, you will receive your patient identification bracelet and wait in front of the patient center at the entrance of the emergency medical center.


  • If you have been given permission for hospitalization, you will receive instructions from your assigned doctor, and should go to the Emergency Medical service team and start the hospitalization procedure.


  • If you have received permission for discharge, go to the Emergency Medical service team, pay your medical expenses, and receive a receipt.
  • If you need an outpatient appointment for medical treatment, you should discuss a time for treatment at the emergency medical center and receive an appointment certificate at the time of paying medical expenses.
  • If you have been prescribed a discharge medicine, submit the medication number at the bottom right of the receipt to the pharmacy on the B1 floor of the main building after receiving the medical expenses.

Guide to emergency medical procedures.

First aid and necessary tests are given as a priority for treatment based on the patient's condition and not on the order of visit.

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