Parking Information

Parking information of SoonChunHyang University Seoul Hospital.

Main building Front parking lot Maternal and child health center Front parking lot Maternal and child health center Rear parking lot East wing of the annex building Parking lot 1st floor Self-parking parking lot (134 cars can be accommodated)

Parking Fee Guide

구분, 운영시간, 요금내역에 따른 주차요금 안내를 나타낸 표
Division Day, night
Operation time 24 hours
List of charges 2,000 won for up to 30 minutes after entering the parking lot (If you leave within 15 minutes you won’t be charged. You will be charged 1,000 won per 15 minutes if you exceed 30 minutes).

* Persons with disabilities receive a 50% discount, excluding basic charge (applies only for those who present welfare card at checkout)

* Maximum charge for the day (at 0 o'clock) (general visitor and funeral home): KRW 20,000

* If you leave the parking lot without paying the fee, the maximum fee will be charged for the day