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Welcome to the INTERNATIONAL CLINIC of  Soon Chun Hyang University Hospital

Soon Chun Hyang University Hospital built in 1974. Hospital precepts are sincerity, service and research. Love Human and love patients for spirit of the Soon Chun Hyang that below the sky I spread science of medicine after make hometown. At the first domestic medical center facility was deteriorated. The newest equipment made domestic hospital better than before. Other university hospitals and general hospitals were jealous of modernization. A founder is Suk-jo Seo doctor (1921-1999). He based engea nerve science technology. He is one of the best doctors in engea. He graduates from the School of medicine, Khyung-do-bu-rip University in Japan, in 1946. After graduated School of Medicine, Seoul University internal medicine assistant in 1946. After finishing Kennel medical college intern and internal department nerve specialist, he studied neurology Bellbu municipal hospital in NewYork. After he passed by the School of medicine, Yeon Sei University, the School of medicine, Catholic University, engea hospital, Back hospital and founded Soon Chun Hyang University hospital in 1974. Soon Chun Hyang University hospital was anchored Hannam-Dong YongSan-Gu. After 4 years later (1978) Soon Chun Hyang Hospital established corporation school academy, medical science and scienceof nursing including a college of medical so In 1989, the Soon Chun Hyang University Hospital grow to university and development till now. Also we opened Soon Chun Hyang Gumi Hospital in 1979 and Soon Chun Hyang Chunan Hospital in 1982. In 2001, we opened Buchun Hospital which is equipped with high medical equipment. Now Soon Chun Hyang Hospital has witnessed incredible changes in the healthcare industry. Currently, Soon Chun Hyang University Hospital has 30 clinics and 717 beds for the inpatient. Including around 130 professional professors and more than 1,200 staffs do their best for patient’s successful treatment and research. Especially, we directly provide patient-centered service and revitalize special centers such as Emergency centre, Kidney centre, Heart centre, Digestive Disease centre, Spine center, Arthroscopy, engea Maternal and child health centre, Health promotion centre, Pain centre, Stem cells treatment centre, pediatric allergy centre, and Bloodless center to make minimize patients inconvenient and give effective treatments. We are focusing on operating disease clinics such as Breast clinic, Laparoscopic hernia clinic, Depression clinic, obesity clinic, geriatric clinic, and Foot clinic. As academic activity, Digestive Disease centre at Soon Chun Hyang University Hospital held International medical treatment of endoscope workshop and there is abdominal sonogram, supersonic waves endoscope workshops Spine Simposium, Stem cells treatment centre and Clinical molecular biology centre were held Stem cells symposium. Also, we have lead in medical area through these centres including diabetes symposium of Hyum-arm Kidney centre twice in every year. Soon Chun Hyang University Hospital is surrounded by ITAEWON, where many foreigners live in Seoul and many of legations. With regional distinctiveness, we started to operate international clinic since 1999, and approximately 6,000 patients visit us a year. To fulfill our role and charge a mission as the third medical centre, we open clinic cooperation centre to help patients who want to refer to our hospital from the first and second medical centre, or other university hospitals. Besides, we have win-win system with 300 cooperative hospitals. Through constant remodeling of inner facilities, we have re-opened test rooms, emergency rooms, intensive care units and an annex ward more functional, cleaner. Recently, nursery room and cafeteria are remodeled. There are Q1 activity and customer relation management to promote customer’s satisfaction as well as we have tried to help patient’s relaxation emotionally through book mobile service, music performances, many variety of exhibitions and volunteer helper to guide patients. The hospital has PET-CT, MRI, 64 Channel multitude detection CT, linear accelerater Equipment to treat cancer and we are developing medical examination and test equipment that each department needs. We always try to become a ubiquitous hospital step by step through electron prescription communication system and medical picture communication system, wide area medical information system. In addition we are planning go change consultation and education, research. Soon Chun Hyang Hospital strives for Human being love embodiment, the truth medical treatment pulling up characteristic, the hospital where it does with the community together. Our staff will do it’s absolute best to treat you promptly and courteously.