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Hospital Introduction

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Greeting from Director

Welcome to the INTERNATIONAL HEALTH CARE CENTER of  Soon Chun Hyang University Hospital Seoul.We provide comfort equal to that of your home town hospital.

Hello, I’m Dr. Suh YouSung, Director of Soon Chun Hyang Hospital. I’m happy to greet you through our website. “Illnesses are cured by heaven and doctors only help the process.” Once said Dr. Seo Seok-Jo, byname Hyang Seol, founder of Soon Chun Hyang University Hospital. This sentence contains a meaning to love patients with humbleness and practice the love of mankind. Our hospital, which opened in 1974, holds dignity of life as the highest value and has been practicing love for mankind. In particular, our hospital opened the International Clinic in 1999 which is visited by over 15,000 patients from over 100 countries every year. The International Clinic is capable of treating patients who speak English and Spanish and we can provide services to people who speak Japanese and French. We promise to provide services through which you will feel like you’re in a hospital of your own hometown. Thank you. Dr. Suh YouSung, Director of Soon Chun Hyang University Hospital