Information on Admission

Hospitalization process at SoonChunHyang University Gumi Hospital

Information on hospitalization Process

Decision on hospitalization

Please show the Decision to admit to hospital prepared by the physician, health insurance card, practice card and ID at the window on the ground floor of the Main Building.

Admission for hospitalization

First, fill out hospitalization pledge, application form for the use of higher patient’s room if needed, and medical option form located on the window for admission and show them to the window where issue an admission document..
If you do not want to be admitted on the day, you can present the Decision to admit to hospital and hospitalization pledge to the person in charge, book the admission date.
Then, you may return home with a reservation card and visit the window on the reserved day.
The admission procedure may be delayed depending on the condition of the room.
Documents required for the admission: Decision to admit to hospital, hospitalization pledge, health insurance card, ID, practice card, proof of insurance (general patient)

Decision to discharge and procedure

Decision to discharge and procedure

The hospitalization confirmation is issued (only the dates of admission and discharge included) at the windows handling discharge and confirmation process.
Please notify documents needed such as medical certificates to the nursing division, two to three days before the discharging date.