Facts and Statistics

Hometown of medicine with acceptance of disposition of province SoonChunHyang

순천향대학교 구미병원

Gumi Hospital, which started as the first general hospital in the region, opened in 1979 based on the effort of Dr. Seo Seok-jo to love patients and the pure spirit of human love of SoonChunHyang, has been leading the development of the local medical community together with state-of-the-art facilities, equipment and top medical staff for the past 30 years.

The Hospital is located in Gumi Industrial Complex, the largest high-tech electronics industry base in the country centering around Nakdong River with a specialization field of industrial medicine, and established a collective industry health research center to provide specialized medical treatment and research in the area. Furthermore, it is a pivotal medical institution for 400,000 local residents, making continuous efforts for medical research and health promotion of the local residents.

Currently, the Hospital is under operation of the 26 medical departments and specialized clinics as a secondary medical institution with an annual patient number of about 330,000 outpatients and 110,000 inpatients. In addition, the medical institution pursues convenience of patients with an efficient care system by operating centers specialized for a disease such as Gastroenterology Center, Cardiovascular Center, Neurovascular Center, Emergency Medicine Center and Health Promotion Center

The Medical Association, formed in 1984 to fulfil its role of a medicine provider, has been participating in monthly medical services for doctorless villages and social welfare facilities. Also, the Hospital has been realizing true meaning of medical care by medical support projects for abused children for the first time as a medical institution.

Gumi Hospital has become a leading patient-centered hospital with aims to improve national health in the 21st century by cherishing a human life and realizing patient and human love.