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Welcome to the INTERNATIONAL CLINIC of Soon Chun Hyang University Hospital

Soon Chun Hyang University Gumi Hospital which was established as the region’s first general hospital opened based on the Soon Chun Hyang spirit of the late Dr. Seo Seok-Jo, byname Hyangseol, which is essentially love for patients and for mankind. Since its establishment 30 years ago, the hospital, which is equipped with the latest equipment, facilities and the best staff, has been a leader of the local medical community’s advancement. Located within the Gumi Industrial Complex which is the largest industrial complex for electronics of the inland region around Nakdong River, the hospital specializes in industrial medicine and has established the Group Industrial Healthcare Research Center through which the hospital provides specialized treatments and conducts research on industrial medicine. Also, the hospital is a core healthcare provider for 400,000 local residents, and is constantly making efforts to advance medical research and improve the health of local residents. The hospital currently operates 400 beds, 22 departments and specialized clinics, and the number of patients we treat at the hospital on a daily basis is currently over 1,000 with the addition of over 400 inpatients. Our staff of over 600 provide the best services. Also, our centers for major disorders such as the Gastroenterology Center, Cardiovascular Center, Neurovascular Center, Emergency Medicine Center and Comprehensive Health Center provide convenience to patients through an effective healthcare system. Meanwhile, the hospital formed a medical aid team in 1984 in order to play its humanitarian role through which the hospital provides free medical services to rural regions and social service facilities. The hospital also practices true medicine through its medical aid programs dedicated to children who are victims of abuse and free clinics for foreign workers who are neglected from the public healthcare system. Soon Chun Hyang University Hospital is rising as a patient-based hospital that aims to improve public healthcare in the 21st century in order to exercise love for mankind and patients and to serve human life.