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Greeting from Director

Welcome to the INTERNATIONAL CLINIC of Soon Chun Hyang University Hospital.We provide comfort equal to that of your home town hospital.

Greetings. Thank you for visiting the website of Soon Chun Hyang University Gumi Hospital. Soon Chun Hyang University Hospital was established in 1979 to provide healthcare to meet the expectations of local residents based on the Soon Chun Hyang spirit which is essentially, “Practicing medicine that complies with the will of the heavens to serve life and life only”, and is now the region’s core healthcare provider. We have been continuously pushing forward to build a hospital with pride and honor, improving healthcare for local residents and workers of the Gumi Industrial Complex, and as a hospital that is trusted by our patients. Soon Chun Hyang University Hospital has established an outstanding treatment system by strengthening the rotation system for human resources and equipment between Seoul Hospital, Cheonan Hospital, Bucheon Hospital and Gumi Hospital of our Central Medical Center, and is attempting a new way of change corresponding to the trend of the era and has introduced the latest medical facilities and is changing our system to digital which includes PACS, OCS and unmanned automatic prescription issuing machines, providing a more convenient and effective healthcare service. We will always strive to build a hospital that thinks of the patient, introduces change and cultivates competitiveness. I thank you for visiting our website and I promise you that we will be equipped with various and beneficial medical information and lead the way in establishing healthy social justice by always listening to your voices. Dr. Oh Cheon-Hwan, Director Soon Chun Hyang University Gumi Hospital