Information on Admission

This is a procedure for admission in SOON CHUN HYANG UNIVERSITY HOSPITAL CHEONAN.

Admission Guide

Determination of Admission

After receiving a slip of determination of admission from your doctor, submit it with your health insurance card, medical treatment card, and ID card at the admission counter on the 1st floor of Main Building.

Admission Process

Fill in and submit an admission pledge at the admission counter, an application for use of higher-class ward on the back of the admission pledge if you want to stay at a higher class ward, and an application for care for doctor of choice to the admission counter and then you will get a ward assigned and get admission documents issued.
If you are not admitted on the day, submit the slip of determination of admission and the admission pledge to the staff in charge of the admission process and make an appointment for hospitalization. After receiving the reservation slip, visit the admission counter of Hospital Administration Team on the day of admission. Depending on ward conditions, the admission may be delayed.
When you get a ward assigned, take the documents received from the Hospital Administration Team to the ward and get informed by a nurse of the ward.
Admission Documents: Slip of determination of admission, admission pledge, health insurance card, ID card, medical treatment card, insurance card (general patient)

Determination of Discharge and Process

Determination of Discharge and Process