Ambulatory Care

Medical Service Time

구분, 접수시간, 진료시에 다른 진료접수 시간을 나타낸 표
Classification Reception Time Medical Service Starting Time
Weekdays 08:00 ~ 17:00 08:30
(It may be slightly different by medical department.)
Saturday 08:30 ~ 12:30

※ Emergency Center can provide emergency medical treatment and delivery patients can get emergency treatment for 24 hours without holidays.

Application for Medical Service

First Medical Examination

  • When you come to get medical treatment for the first time, hold your health insurance card, and a request for medical care expenses (or a request for medical benefits) and come to Referral Center on the 2nd floor of Outpatient Clinic Building.
  • Make an appointment through Call Center (1577-7523) and come to our hospital to shorten the waiting time.

Guide on Medical Service Delivery System

  • Our hospital is a tertiary general hospital. If you want to get the health insurance benefits, you have to submit “a request for medical care expenses” issued by a primary or secondary hospital. (If you do not submit the request for medical care expenses, you can get the medical treatment at the expenses borne by principal.) From the Department of Family Medicine, the Department of Dentistry, the Department of Rehabilitation Medicine (If you are a registered person of disability or a person who is recognized necessary to take rehabilitation treatment including occupational or exercise treatment instead of a simple physical treatment in accordance with Article 32 of the Act on Welfare of Persons with Disabilities and get the medical care benefit from the Department of Rehabilitation Medicine), you can get the health insurance benefits without any request for medical care expenses.
  • To get the medical care benefits, you have to submit the “request for medical benefits” issued by the secondary hospital (No clinics and public health care centers impossible).

Returning Patient Treatment

  • It is not necessary to prepare a separate application for medical treatment. Show your health insurance card and medical treatment card to the Hospital Administration Team (the counter) and tell the name of the department and the name of the doctor from which you want to take the medical treatment.
  • To take the medical treatment after making the appointment, show your certificate of appointment for medical treatment directly to the reception counter of the corresponding medical department.

Medical Treatment Procedure

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