Greetings from the President

Welcome to the website of Soon Chun Hyang University Hospital Cheonan whose hub is about to be created.

Since its opening in 1982, it has established a lot of medical and research activities including the development of the world’s first treatment for poisoning of pesticides, cadmium, and other poisons and has provided high quality of medical services. Leading the local development, it has been firmly positioned as the base hospital in the central region of Korea. In particular, with its outstanding capabilities and achievements in cancer treatments, it has been sought for by cancer patients from Korea and abroad and has performed the most radiation treatment cases in the southern part of Seoul. With the 1st grade in all evaluations regarding four cancers: colon cancer, breast cancer, lung cancer, and stomach cancer conducted annually by the government, it is a state-certified medical institution.

It has the highest level of competence in the field of emergency medicine. Since 2010, it has particularly established next-generation emergency rooms by opening and operating separate pediatric emergency rooms completely separate from the emergency rooms for adults for the first time in Korea. Still, it operates the only pediatric emergency center in the central region. With Korea’s best know-how accumulated in organ transplantation, obesity surgery, correction of pigeon chest ‧funnel chest, etc., we present new happy healthy lives to a lot of patients with relevant diseases by giving higher quality of treatment. Recently, we are leading the future of the biomedical industry by focusing on the development of new treatments, new medicines, and advanced medical equipment, etc. based on Korea’s best research infrastructure.

Soon Chun Hyang University Hospital Cheonan is seeking to build a new hospital with a state-of-the-art futuristic medical system. The new hospital which the medical community watches will be built right next to the current hospital and will be completed by 2022. After the construction of the new hospital, a ‘bio medical cluster’ will be formed, connecting the existing hospitals, College of Medicine of Soon Chun Hyang University, and Soon Chun Hyang Institute of Medi-bio Science (SIMS). Based on the ultra-large advanced medi-care infrastructure of the new hospital, advanced medical education capabilities of Soon Chun Hyang University, and the research capabilities of the SIMS which is parallel to the Weizmann Institute of Science in Israel, the advanced hub for biomedical science is about to be created. “NEW” Soon Chun Hyang University Hospital Cheonan that will show new level of dignity of the medical culture in Korea will become a hospital proud of by not only Soon Chun Hyang members but also local residents in the central region.

I hope you will continue to pay attention and support.
Thank you very much.

Director Park HyungKook