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Welcome to the INTERNATIONAL CLINIC of Soon Chun Hyang University Hospital

Cheonan is a city growing as a capital and world-best city of Chuncheongnam-do, and the Cheonan Hospital is the representative medical institute of the central region of Korea and is equipped with the best capabilities in education, research and patient care. Cheonan Hospital was approved on May 4th, 1979, and took its first footstep as the only general hospital (14 departments, 150 beds) in Chungcheonnam-do on July 7th, 1982, which was then a wasteland in aspects of healthcare. Since its establishment, the hospital has consistently made significant advancements and growth. Currently the hospital operates 24 departments and 736 beds, and over 1,300 staff including 130 faculty members certified in Korea and overseas for high competitiveness, work at the hospital and are inspired with love for mankind. Equipped with the latest digital environment that includes OCS and PACS, and with the addition of the latest medical facilities such as PET-CT which is a whole body scanner for cancer, 2 MRIs, 2 CTs, 2 angiographies, a radiation device for cancer treatment and SPECT, the hospital has the best medical competence in Korea. Based on a highly efficient patient care system, the faculty of Cheonan Hospital performs various high-level procedures with perfection and is gaining infinite trust from patients. Also, our Cheonan Hospital was designated by the government as the most capable hospital for various difficult treatments and procedures. In addition to its outstanding patient care activities, Cheonan Hospital trains healthcare providers who are motivated by a noble sense of duty as an extraordinary education institute. From training medical students and nursing students, Cheonan Hospital trains residents and medical technicians and also provides various CME courses for local private practitioners, setting its position as a comprehensive medical education institute that is gaining attention of local and foreign healthcare providers. The Hospital operates an in-house Clinical Medical Research Center and provides research funds to faculty members, and also operates overseas training programs so that our faculty, who have a unique passion toward research, can learn and become accustomed to the latest medical information and technology, through which the hospital establishes its firm foundation for R&D. Along with our abundant amount of clinical experiences, our unique culture of research enabled Cheonan Hospital to rise as a birthplace of new treatments and outstanding research accomplishments. Cheonan Hospital where the lights seldom go out in labs is gaining broad attention as a major medical research institute of Korea. The reason why Cheonan Hospital with outstanding potential is gaining the trust of local residents is because of our warm atmosphere and our contribution to the improvement and advancement of the local community. Cheonan Hospital is gaining enormous support from local residents for its detailed consideration of the local community that includes various healthcare support programs, free checkups and onsite healthcare education sessions which are conducted with the voluntary participation of our staff. Cheonan Hospital was recognized for its level of medical quality and contribution to local society and was elevated to the status of tertiary medical institute (comprehensive specialized healthcare institute) as of January 1999, from which we were able to provide a higher level of medical services. Since then, we made constant efforts from which we received the highest score in the medical institute evaluation of 2007 and evaluation of 2008 on tertiary healthcare institutes, solidifying our position as the best medical institute. Over 1,300 workers of Cheonan Hospital which has grown as a model hospital with ideal staff that practice the vision, ‘Love for Mankind’, are currently united strongly and do their best to leave a significant mark in healthcare. We are also busy trying to establish a ‘Brilliant 100-Year History’ through our customer satisfaction project.