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Hospital Introduction

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1981~1990 1981.03 Started construction of main building
1982.06 Approved for construction of hospital and opening of healthcare institute
1982.07 Started treating patients
1983.05 Certified for residency program
1983.08 Designated as internship institute for medical technicians (MOHW)
1985.02 Designated as subject for requisition (MOHW)
1985.06 Designated as a training facility for the military (Ministry of National Defence)
1991~2000 1997.05 Designated as training facility for certified personnel for mental healthcare
1999.01 Designated as tertiary healthcare institute
1999.12 Completed construction of MR building (1st floor: MRI room, 2nd floor: Pathology)
2000~2010 2001.05 First among Korean university hospitals to start ‘Free onsite cancer
2001.08 education’Designated as Occupational Environment Measurement Institute
2001.12 Opened Clinical Medicine Center
2002.04 Completed construction of dedicated ward for cancer patients with aseptic room (5 beds)
2002.04 Changed name (Soon Chun Hyang Cheonan Hospital → Soon Chun Hyang University Cheonan Hospital)
2002.07 Introduced 4th generation extracorporeal shock wave lithotriptor
2002.11 Opened first day clinic in the region
2002.12 Designated as Specialized Hospital for Diabetes Education (Korean Diabetes Association)
2003.01 First in Korea to introduce 8-channel multi-detect spiral CT
2004.07 Designated as clinical trial institute for pharmaceuticals (KFDA)
2004.10 Opened Gastroenterology Center
2006.01 Introduced PET-CT
2006.07 Registered patent on ‘Treatment for Pectus Carinatum (pigeon breast)’
2006.09 Introduced 64-channel 3-D CT
2006.11 Developed surgical treatment for funnel chest using a transilluminated introducer
2007.05 Signed healthcare support agreement with Prosecutor’s Office for crime victims
2007.06 Introduced 2 MRIs (3.0T/1.5T)
2007.09 Designated as clinical trial institute for medical devices (KFDA)
2007.09 Selected as a hospital that provides good treatment for stroke (MOHW, HIRA)
2007.10 First in Korea to provide testing service on development of premature infants
2008.01 Started U-Healthcare Service
2008.10 Changed Name (Soon Chun Hyang University Cheonan Hospital → Education
2008.11 Designated as Special Center for Severe Emergency Diseases (heart diseases, severe trauma)
2009.03 Designated as Environment Healthcare Center for Asbestosis
2010.06 Received Top Class 1 in Appropriateness Evaluation for Blood Dialysis (MOHW and HIRA)