Welfare Benefits

순천향대학교 중앙의료원 및 부속병원의 복리후생을 확인하실 수 있습니다.

Welfare Benefits

Work Support

근무제반 지원 아이콘
  • Commute Support: Support of commuting fees, operation of commuting bus, support of parking costs
  • Cafeteria: Cafeteria operated to provide meals for the faculty and the staff and support of meal expenses
  • Uniform: Giving summer and winter uniforms for the faculty
  • Long-service award: Awards and prizes for the model faculty who have served for 10, 20, and 30 years.
  • Souvenirs: Giving souvenirs or gits on each anniversary day or events

Leisure activities supported

여가활동지원 아이콘
  • Resorts: Condominium and resort memberships for welfare of the faculty, summer recreation center operated
  • Summer holiday bonus support: Paying bonus for summer holiday
  • Clubs: Supporting clubs for leisure and fraternity

Medical and health care

의료 및 건강증진 지원 아이콘
  • Vaccinations: Vaccinations to the faculty
  • Group insurance/medical checkup support: Medical checkups for the faculty, medical expenses supported upon diseases or injuries
  • Reduction of medical expenses incurred at a hospital in affiliation: Giving the benefit of reducing medical expenses of the faculty, their spouse, and family members at hospitals in affiliation
  • Physical exercise fees supported: Paying physical exercise fees to improve the faculty’s health and physical fitness

Residence and life safety supported

주거 및 생활안전 지원 아이콘
  • Private school pension applied: Private school pension (Welfare services (financial services such as savings and loans, reservations for resorts and condominiums, welfare mall) provided by Teachers Pension, and Korea Teachers’ Credit Union (KTCU))
  • Congratulation and condolence supported: Leaves for congratulations, and accidents, payment of congratulatory and condolence money, leave for moving, leave dur to disaster compensation, compensation for bereaved family, support of funeral expenses, etc.
  • Holiday gift and allowance: Giving gifts and allowance for New Year, Chuseok, big holidays
  • Child care and maternity leave: Welfare, maternity, baby care leaves for welfare of female faculty members
  • Financial aid for children: Reduction of tuition expenses of faculty members and their children when they enter SOON CHUN HYANG UNIVERSITY, support of tuition fees of children’s high schools, congratulation money for their entering a university
  • Workplace daycare center operated: Daycare center for caring children of the faculty members

Self-development supported

자기계발 지원 아이콘
  • Educational expenses supported: Educational fees to improve job abilities, educational fees to maintain their licenses or certificates
  • Flexible working system: Flexible working system for balance of work and life
  • School expenses supported: When the faculty member enters SOON CHUN HYANG UNIVERSITY or SOON CHUN HYANG UNIVERSITY Graduate School, half of the tuition fee will be supported.