Current Activities

순천향대학교 중앙의료원의 사회공헌 활동현황을 확인하실 수 있습니다.

중앙의료원 사회공헌 활동현황를 나타낸 표
Classification Description
2010.10. ~ 2013.04.
  • Established Mother and Child Health Center, Siem Reap State Hospital, Cambodia with Korea International Cooperation Agency (KOICA).
    - Constructing Mother and Child Health Center (80 beds), supporting medical equipment, local hospital operation consulting, training to medical staff invited to Korea
  • 2012 ~ 2015
  • Trained medical staff under Dr. LEE Jong-Wook Fellowship Program Korea Foundation for International Healthcare (KOFIH).
    - 30 doctors from Cambodia, Ethiopia, etc.
    - 11 nurses from Cambodia, etc.
  • 2012.09. ~ 2013.08.
  • Built a training center in Siem Reap State Hospital with KOFIH.
  • 2014.01. ~ 2015.01.
  • Gave post-management of El Alto Korea Hospital in Bolivia with KOICA.
    - Training on intensive treatment for newborns and maternity, and supporting medical equipment
  • 2014.01. ~ 2018.05.
  • Remodeled Cambodia National Pediatric Hospital Korea-Cambodia Friendship wards with KOICA.
    - Remodeling Korea-Cambodia Friendship wards (80 beds), supporting medical equipment, and training local medical staff
  • 2015.09 .~ 2019.05.
  • KOFIH consulted about the implementation of the medical equipment management and operation system of Ethiopia.
    - Federal Ministry of Health of Ethiopia, Tikur Anbessa Specialized Hospital, Jimma Specialized Hospital, Gonder Hospital, Ayder Hospital in Mekelle, Awasa Hospital, Mekelle Hospital
  • 2017.01. ~ 2017.08.
  • Consulted on the preparation for opening Uzbekistan National Children's Hospital with KOFIH
    - Charged and free service project (EDCF-KOICA-KOFIH)
  • 2017.06. ~ 2018.05.
  • Feasibility survey on the Construction of the National Medical University Hospital in Cambodia with The Export-Import Bank of Korea Economic Development Cooperation Fund (EDCF)
  • 2017.06. ~ 2019.01.
  • Project for building pubic healthcare centers at three places (Amman, Tabarbor, and South Altoal) in Jordan with KOICA
  • 2018.01. ~ 2023.12.
    (in progress)
  • Project for building critical care center in Iraq with KOICA
    - Building the critical care center with 70 beds, supporting latest medical equipment, and training medical staff in Iraq
  • 2018.06.~2019.02.
  • Project for post management of Mongolian patients by using the ICT system with KHIDI
  • 2018.07. ~ 2021.12.
    (in progress)
  • Project for training enhancement of hospital management in Iraq (Baghdad) with KOICA
  • 2018.12. ~ 2023.11.
    (in progress)
  • Project for building Otorhinolaryngology Center at Ang Duong Hospital in Cambodia with KOICA
    - Building Otorhinolaryngology Center with 120 beds, supporting medical equipment specialized for otorhinolaryngology, and training medical staff