How to Find us

How to get to Soon Chun Hyang University Hospital.

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Shuttle Bus

A free shuttle bus operates between Suncheon Hyang Hospital ↔ Songnae Station

In July 2016, it was designated as ‘an institution for legalization of infant emergency medical center and a participant’ by the Ministry of Health and Welfare. We are doing our best to help our precious children recover their health and bright smiles.

Operation Schedule

Shuttle buses run from 08:00 to 17:10. (Based on departure time)

출발지, 출발시간, 첫차/막차 시간, 기타에 따른 내용을 나타낸 표
Departure point Departure time First / Last train time Etc
Songnae Station 10 minutes, 40 minutes First bus 08:10 / Last bus 17:10 Saturdays, Sundays and holidays
Lunch Time 12: 30 ~ 13: 25
Not run
Hospital Hours 00 minutes, 30 minutes First bus 08:00 / Last bus 17:00