Greetings from the President

I am Eungjin Shin, Director of Bucheon Hospital under Soonchunhyang University.
Bucheon Hospital was established in 2001 with the spirit of love of humans. We have listened to our patients for the last 20 years and worked hard to become ‘the best medical institution tending seriously ill patients in the western area of the country’.
20 years have passed now and Bucheon Hospital under Soonchunhyang University is still playing the roles as a central medical institution and an upper-level general hospital in the western area. The driving force of the growth and development comes from infinite trust and love of patients. All the teaching staff members at the hospital are deeply grateful for trust of our patients and we will return with much improved medical services.

Bucheon Hospital under Soonchunhyang University has the goal of management, which is to develop ‘a hospital dedicated to seriously ill patients’. It is equipped with the best medical staff and most advanced medical facilities. Based on the background, we are achieving the best treatment performance in various areas such as robot surgery, transplantation, transfusion-free surgery, minimized invasive treatment and other highly complicated surgeries.
Also, by strengthening professional center treatment, we are running various characterized centers divided based on diseases, such as cancer center, digestive system disease center, neurological center, respiratory system and allergies center, female medicine center, cardiovascular center, joint and spine center and sleep medicine center.

Bucheon Hospital under Soonchunhyang University is practicing social contribution in various areas as a representative medical institution in the western area. We offer medical services to the poor. We support with treatment cost and maintain overseas medical services in Cambodia, Myanmar and Sri Lanka. Also, we present various cultural events.
Especially, we practice the spirit of ‘human love’ as the philosophy of the foundation of the hospital overseas in addition to domestic services through invitation and training of overseas doctors, which is under way to improve medicine of developing countries.

Just like we have done for the last two decades, for the following twenty years, we will offer the country’s best treatment and ensure the best satisfaction of patients and future-oriented research as a university hospital so that we can contribute to your health.
We seek your continued encouragement. Thank you.

Director of Bucheon Hospital under Soonchunhyang University Eung-jin Shin