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Welcome to the INTERNATIONAL CLINIC of  Soon Chun Hyang University Hospital

Soon Chun Hyang University Bucheon Hospital started to gain attention for achieving the latest hospital environment since its establishment in 2001 and is capable of leading the healthcare of the 21st century. It currently operates 1,000 beds and is the region’s only tertiary hospital, staffed by over 1,600 employees including 300 doctors, 600 nurses and other personnel. The hospital operates 31 departments to provide quick recovery and specialized treatment to patients, and also operates 16 specialized centers and 108 specialized clinics based on close cooperation and effective treatments. Through this, we are able to succeed in various complicated surgeries and in treating difficult diseases, and we are establishing our image as a very capable hospital. Also, we are equipped with the latest infrastructure and medical facilities such as WAMIS, PACS, TLAS and EMR through which we have the best system for patient care. Along with our establishment, we have opened the ‘Clinical Medicine Research Center’, and we are distinguishing ourselves as we have been designated by the Korean government as a ‘research center on genetics related to the lung and respiratory disorders’. Since then, we also opened the ‘Cell Treatment Research Center’ (2004) and was designated by the MOHW in 2008 as an institute for ‘Human Resource Cooperation Bank’ project which shows our active R&D in the field of medical sciences, and in 2008, we opened the Hyangseol Medical Simulation Center to play our role in full as a university hospital by making our best efforts in training medical school students. Meanwhile, Soon Chun Hyang University Bucheon Hospital organized a medical aid team along with the foundation of the hospital in order to practice the spirit of ‘love for mankind’ which is the key idea of Soon Chun Hyang, through which we provide free treatment to residents of the metropolitan area as well as Bucheon. In 2002, we extended our medical aid program to overseas and established KCSC (Korean Community for Service in Cambodia) through which we provide medical aids, doctor training programs and heart surgery. As a hospital that is leading the Korean medical community as well as our local society, our hospital contributes to society with high capabilities and is open to our neighbors.