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Hospital Introduction

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1996~2002 2001.01 Completion of construction of Soon Chun Hyang University Bucheon Hospital
2001.02 Started operations at Soon Chun Hyang University Bucheon Hospital First director, Professor Kim Bu-Seong
2001.02 Opened Comprehensive Health Center
2001.05 Opened Soon Chun Hyang University Bucheon Hospital
2001.06 Designated by government as research center for genetics related to lung and pulmonary diseases
2001.07 Establishment of medical aid team
2001.09 Opened Non-Blood Transfusion Center
2001.10 1st signing ceremony with partnership hospitals
2002.01 Appointed as organ transplant center
2002.05 Bucheon Hospital, first in Gyeonggi-do and Incheon region to succeed in cochlear implant
2002.06 Signed partnership with Korea Heart Foundation
2002.08 1st medical aid activity in Cambodia (Aug 4th~9th)
2002.08 Signed partnership with Texas A&M Health Science Center
2002.09 Opened Emergency Medicine Center and held training seminar
2003~2005 2003.05 Completed construction of annex building
2003.12 Appointment of 2nd Director
Director, Dr. Shin Won-Han
2004.03 Established non-profit organization Korean Community for Service in Cambodia
2004.06 Declaration of painless hospital
2004.10 Signed parent hospital agreement with Anseong Medical Foundation Hanlim Hospital
2004.12 Opened Cell Therapy Research Center
2005.01 First in Bucheon area to succeed in bone marrow transplant between non-blood relatives
2005.02 1st certification ceremony for Cambodian doctors
2005.03 Signed partnership agreement with local government of Bucheon
2005.04 Appointment of Vice Director
Vice Director: Dr. Hong Dae-Shik
2005.12 Establishment of Cardiovascular Center
2006~2008 2006.02 First in Korea to demonstrate laparoscopic gastrectomy for gastric cancer
2006.02 Established Study Group For Evidence-Based Medicine
2006.06 Opening ceremony for annex building
2006.08 Opened specialized centers including Cancer Center and Cardiovascular Center
2007.05 First in Bucheon area to succeed in liver transplant
2007.09 Appointment of 5th director
Dr. Hwang Gyeong-Ho appointed as Director
2008.01 Received Best Training Site award from KACPR
2008.06 Designated by MOHW for Human Resource Cooperation Bank project
2008.08 Korean Community for Service in Cambodia received merit medal from Cambodian government
2008.10 Kim Chang-Jun, former US congressman, appointed as PR ambassador
2008.11 Opened Hyangseol Medical Simulation Center for Soon Chun Hyang University College of Medicine
2008.12 Signed support agreement for free nursing services with Dasomi Foundation
2009~2011 2009.01 Designated as the Tertiary Care Hospital by the Ministry of Health and Welfare
2009.02 Sucessfully transplanted stem cells through unrelated non-Korean donor
2009.02 Concluded an MOU with Gyeonggi Welfare Foundation on Unlimited Care Center Project
2009.02 Concluded a Social Responsibility Agreement to serve children and youth with an incorporated association, Share and Serve
2009.04 Selected as a candidate for Major Trauma Center by the Ministry of Health and Welfare
2009.12 Opened Tomotherapy Treatment Center
2010.01 Professor Daesik Hong took office as the 6th Director
2010.01 Opened Tomotherapy Treatment Center
2010.04 Designated by MOHW as candidate center for severe trauma
2010.09 Established Korea Auto-Teetch & Bone Bank
2010.10 Designated as Hospital Based Organ Procurement Organization
2010.12 Opened tomotherapy center
2011.02 Earned the title as Ministry of Health and Welfare-approved medical center
2011.04 10-Year Anniversary of the Soonchunhyang University Hospital Bucheon
2011.04 Signed a 1 Company-1 Village agreement with Incheon Gyeyang Nong Hyup Agricultural Cooperative Federation
2011.05 Construction of Annex with 1,000 additional beds
2011.08 The 10th Medical Volunteer Activities to Cambodia
2011.11 IRB accredited by FERCAP
2012~ 2012.01 Redesignated as High-Class General Hospital
2012.01 Professor Kyungho Hwang took office as the 7th Director
2012.01 11th Completion Ceremony for Cambodian Doctors
2012.06 Completed an MOU to donate unused items to the society
2012.06 13th Signing Ceremony with partner hospital
2012.06 12th Training Completion Ceremony for Cambodian doctors
2012.08 11th Medical Volunteering Service in Cambodia
2012.08 Earned the title as the top regional emergency center in 2011 Emergency Center Evaluation conducted by the Ministry of Health and Welfare
2012.09 Completed an MOU with Bucheonwonmi Police Station for Protection and Recovery of Sexual Abuse Victims
2012.11 14th Signing Ceremony with partner hospital
2012.12 Completed an MOU with College of Pharmacy, Soonchunhyang University, for practical training
2012.12 Concluded an MOU with Anhui Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine for building Dental / Aesthetic Cooperation Center
2013.01 Completed an MOU with The Korea Occupational Safety and Health Agency for Interns and Residents’ training
2013.03 13th Training Completion Ceremony for Cambodian doctors
2013.03 Appointed Chae-hwan Song as the Honorary Promotional Ambassador
2013.05 Completed an MOU with the Ministry of Environment to promote environmentally-friendly management
2013.06 Completed an MOU with Disaster Mental Health Services in Gyeonggi Province and Korea Road Traffic Authority to provide disaster mental health services for traffic accident victims
2013.07 Director Kyungho Hwang received Presidential Citation at the Korea Green Management Excellence Award
2013.07 Completed an MOU to provide medical support at the Puchon International Fantastic Film Festival
2013.08 12h Medical Volunteering Services in Cambodia
2013.09 1st Training Completion Ceremony for Myanmar doctors
2013.09 Completed an MOU with Alumni Fellowship of Marine Corps, Bucheon, for social contribution
2013.09 Completed an MOU with Bucheon Hope Foundation on joint “New Birth Celebratory Fund Sharing
2013.11 Appointed the 3rd Promotional Ambassador
2013.11 Commissioned by Bucheon Community Mental Health Center to provide mental health care services for Bucheon Community
2013.12 Accredited as the first health promotion center for workers among high-class general hospitals
2014.01 Appointed the 8th Director of Soonchunhyang University Hospital Bucheon
Dr. Moon-sung Lee, Director
Dr. Hyung-chul Kim, Vice-Director