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Introduction to Special Center

We operate specialized centers for each disease as well as the best medical staff in order to bring you the best possible healthcare services.

Gastrointetinal(Digestive) Disease Center

The center consists of well-trained medical staff who have been trained in Japan, Europe and the US on the latest therapeutic endoscopy and who are actively conducting research activities. In particular, our center is playing a leading role in the field of therapeutic endoscopy.

Genome Research Center for Allergy and Respiratory Diseases

The center provides genetic information for the development of new drugs that will be useful in treating and preventing respiratory disorders and use its discovery on genetic factors related to respiratory disorders such as asthma to actual clinical application.

Nephrology(Kidney) Center

The center operates a peritoneal dialysis clinic and a hemodialysis clinic in order to provide treatment to patients who are suffering from end-stage renal disorders. The center conducts over 1,600 hemodialysis treatments every month.

Cancer Center

Through partnership with the Molecular Biology Center and the Pulmonary Genetics Center, the Cancer Center conducts research on treatment and adult stem cell therapies that can be used to treat cancer.

Dizziness Center

The Dizziness Center is equipped with the latest facilities such as PET, SPECT and MRI, and is conducting studies on neuro-ophthalmology (diplopia) and neuro-otology (dizziness).

Cardiovascular Center

The center is equipped with a system that is capable of making precise diagnoses on cardiovascular disorders 24/7, and is treating severe patients who require cardiopulmonary resuscitation with pulsatile life support device.

Joint Center

The center provides systemic treatment through advanced technology such as arthroscopy for all joints (shoulder joint, knee joint, foot joints) and minimally invasive and minimal pain artificial joint replacement therapies.

Hand surgery Center

The center provides a one-stop service from our professors (Department of Orthopedics, Department of Plastic Surgery) and based on cooperation and information sharing with other departments for treatment, diagnosis and rehabilitation (Department of Rehabilitation Medicine).

Laser therapy Center

Laser beams can treat the intended target using interactions between the laser and skin tissue, and the center provides selective photothermal treatments that do not damage surrounding tissues.

Dementia Memory Center

In order to screen dementia, the center provides special tests and neuropsychological tests for precise evaluations, blood tests, radiologic tests, EKG, and the latest brain imaging tests such as MRI and PET-CT.

Center for Laboratory Medicine

The center assists in early screening, making diagnosis and planning treatment and deciding prognosis by deciphering the results of various tests for blood, urine, body fluids and tissue.

Center for No Blood Transfusion

Public interest in non-blood transfusion is higher than ever as accidents have been reported with wrong blood transfusions using blood contaminated with bacteria and virus, and accidents caused by lack of stocked blood. In order to cope with this global trend, we currently operate the Non-Blood Transfusion Center in order to provide non-blood transfusions which is a latest medical technique.

Emergency Medical Center

The center provides proper and rapid treatment to every patient who visits our emergency room due to trauma, cardiovascular disorders, drug poisoning and abdominal pain, so that they can be freed from their suffering as quickly as possible.

Referral Center

The center provides the best medical services to satisfy the patients as well as the clinics and hospitals that refer their patients to us by establishing the WAMIS to enable cooperative relationships with us and local hospitals, and by providing a quick treatment service and using a re-referral system.

Comprehensive Health Diagnostic Center

We provide the best services through our precision screening programs so patients can receive exact testing and high-quality services.

General Examination Center

The center is Korea's best screening center for workers and aims to improve the health of our patients and enhance their work by evaluating the health of individuals and providing early screening for potential risks in groups or individuals.