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Introduction to Departments

You can check the introduction to our departments and medical staff by selecting the department of your choice.

Department of Infectious Diseases

The field of infectious diseases is a subfield of internal medicine that concentrates on the cause and treatment of infectious diseases. The Department of Infectious Diseases deals with the following directly or provides consults to specialists of other departments: 1) Fever of unknown origin (fever of which the cause is difficult to ascertain) 2) HIV/AIDS 3) Infection comorbid in patients with depressed immunity due to malignant tumor or organ transplant (opportunistic infection) 4) Infectious disease introduced from overseas, aboriginal infection, latent tuberculosis, extrapulmonary tuberculosis 5) Nosocomial infection 6) Postsurgical infection. The Department of Infectious Diseases also deals with vaccination of adults, vaccination of overseas travelers, and education of medical staff and management of antibiotics for surveillance and prevention of nosocomial infections.

Eun-Ju Choo교수
Eun-Ju Choo
Specialty : Infectious diseases, fever of unknown origin, adult vaccination, overseas travelers and students clinic, AIDS
Tark Kim
Tark Kim
Specialty : Fever of unknown origin, Exptra-pulmonary tuberculosis, HIV infection, Multi-drug resistant Gram negative organisms infection, Skin and soft tissue infection, Orthopedic infection, Infection in immunocompromised patients, Infection control.